Message from the High Commissioner

Excellent and warm political relations subsist between India and Namibia, which are deeply rooted in our common struggle for social justice and self-determination. We shared the same 'trenches', so to speak, for decades to bring about freedom and national independence.

These close ties form the bedrock for our bilateral relations of which the focus has shifted to economic, cultural and social co-operation in our search to develop our two countries to the level of industrialized nations.

India, with its huge population and strong economic drive, is a major global player with influence in the Asia-Pacific, one of the more important regions in the world. Namibia is richly endowed with natural resources and, thus, there exist many overlaps and synergies to be explored. Energy, mining, science and technology, trade and investment, infrastructure development, logistics, education, tourism, culture and agriculture are major areas already identified. Our mission is to expand and strengthen cooperation in these areas and to innovatively map out new areas to move our bilateral agenda forward.

Equally, we will promote better understanding and ties between Namibia and Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Myanmar, The Maldives and Afghanistan - countries to which this Mission is concurrently accredited.

My sincere desire is that this Mission's website will go to great lenghts to help us realize these goals.

Pius Dunaiski
High Commissioner



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