The tourism sector is the fastest growing sector in Namibia and most competitive in the world. It is also one of the prioritized sectors in NDP5 and Harambee Prosperity Plan. The sector has proven to be the valuable industry to Namibia, making considerable direct and indirect contributions to GDP as well as acting as a substantial employer, especially in the rural areas, thereby reducing rural poverty.

Namibia’s tourism industry undoubtedly gives it a comparative advantage as a low population density and good environmental management have led to the preservation of scenery and increased wildlife populations.

Namibia is ranks in the top 5 in Africa by the World Economic Forum Travel and Tourism competitiveness report and one of the world’s most scenically magnificent countries, ranks high in the world by Traveller News. Namibia is a unique destination that offers vast open spaces, abundant and diverse biodiversity and wildlife, rich cultural diversities and valuable traditional knowledge. The oldest desert, highest dunes, largest cheetah population and the oldest plant in the world as well as the second largest canyon count among Namibia’s tourist gems.

Namibia’s commitment to conservation remains the backbone of the tourism industry giving tourists an unforgettable experience and at the same time allowing local communities and nature to benefit from it. Vast swatches of untouched savannah, rolling deserts alongside hundreds of kilometers of coastline, exotic wildlife and some of the oldest civilizations on earth, is what we know to be Namibia. Namibia is an incredible tourist destination whose diversity means it offers a little bit of something for everyone.

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